The building was built by Howard Ahrens who was a successful businessman in Berks County in the late 1800's.  Mr. Ahrens is buried at nearby Charles Evans Cemetery upon his death in 1918.  The Funeral Home was moved to this location from the 800 block of Washington Street.  Irvin Cramp had relocated his business to the Centre Park address in 1940's.  Irvin Cramp had employed Mr. Richard Geiger as a licensed funeral director.  Geiger ran the funeral home with  Cramp and his wife and son Barry.  Upon Irvin Cramps death Mr. Geiger continued to run the family business while Mrs. Cramp lived on the second floor apartment of the Funeral Home. Richard Geiger passed away in 1983, and left his wife Georgine and son Gregory Geiger contiuned to run the Cramp Funeral Home.  In May of 2013 Gregory Geiger passed away at the age of 59 years old.  Mrs. Geiger sold the family business to Mark J. Hummel in the summer of 2015.  Mark contiunes to serve the families in the area just as her son and husband had over the past years.     

1914 Photo 

Serving Reading Families Since 1906


 Scott K. Bartholomew, Supv.
Mark J. Hummel, FD.