MARK J. HUMMEL   Funeral Director / Owner

Mark J. Hummel is the Funeral Director and Owner of the Cramp-Hummel Funeral Home. I personally see and work with all the familes that call upon us daily.  It is my goal to make sure every family feels at home and never pressured when making arangments.  

GEORGINE GEIGER  Door Attendant / Former Owner

Georgine has owned the Funeral Home since the Early 1980's and worked with her husband a former Funeral Director for the Cramp family dating back into the 1940's Georgine is happy to stay upon our staff and see the business grow and flurish back to what she always remembered.  Her part in the daily operation is key and many families know her because of her long time career in Funeral Service.  

ERNESTO CAMACHO, JR. Part Time Assistant / Spanish Translator

Ernesto is a key part of our staff when it comes to serving Spanish speaking families.  He was born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised here in Reading, where his parents, siblings and nieces and nephews are all local and part of the community.  


Scott has been part of the Funeral Home for over 20 years as the Supervisor and resides in Northampton, Pennsylvania with his family.  He enjoys helping families through his love for the Funeral industry.

BRETT FEINOUR  Part Time Driver / Lot Attendant

Brett has worked for the funeral home for many years helping in any capacity he can.  He operates his own business B & F Property Managment.  Brett is a hard worker and a valuable asset to our team.  

WARREN RICHARDS Part Time Driver / Lot Attendant

Warren resides in Hamburg where he lived his whole life and enjoys being retired from being a engineer which designed Fire Trucks for many years.  Upon his retirement he had decided to seek employment.  We are happy to have him on our staff and his dedication is superior.

Serving Reading Families Since 1906


 Scott K. Bartholomew, Supv.
Mark J. Hummel, FD.