Serving Reading Families Since 1906


 Scott K. Bartholomew, Supv.
Mark J. Hummel, FD.


The Special Packages Below Are For Those Who Served Our Community With Honorable and Faithful Services in Our Military.

These special Package Prices are Discounted From Our Normal Charges On Our General Price List.  These prices can be used for any new family that we serve on a service or for pre planning.  Any or all old pre planned funerals prior to this package dated Sept. 11, 2016 are at regular prices and no discounts can be given on old pre arrangements or pre paid funerals prior to this date of this package being written.  dd-214 or discharge papers must be made availiable to grant this package price.



Basic Services of Funeral Home & Staff, Transfer of Deceased from place of death to Funeral Home, Embalming, Other Preparation of remains, Use of Funeral Home and Staff for Funeral Ceremory, Viewing and Transfer to Indiantown Gap National Cemetery for burial, 20 Gauge Steel Casket, Guest Book, Memorial Folders, Reading Eagle Obit, 5 Death Certificates, Hears, Flower Car, Limousine;  ONLY CHARGES NOT INCLUDED - Church Fees or Flowers.